At Flow Cosmetics we understand that we have a responsibility.

To the planet, to our customers and to ourselves. Being up close and personal to the beauty industry has shown us how needlessly harsh ingredients such as parabens and synthetic fragrances have become standard practice. At Flow, we’re doing things differently.

Flow, born in Finland in 2004, was created in order to make incredible beauty products that all harness the skin-loving ingredients that are so plentiful in Finland. Flow was lovingly created by Riitta Jänkälä, a mother, aromatherapist and incredible product innovator. Riitta’s rural upbringing in Lapland was surrounded by raw materials including Fresh Lingonberries, Arctic Raspberries and Wild Heather, which have all inspired the products we proudly make today.

Our entire brand ethos is that natural is best. We’ve said no to unnecessary chemicals and instead we’ve focussed all of our efforts on organic, kind-to-skin formulations that meet your body’s unique needs. You’ll find nourishing ingredients such as African shea butter, Finnish blueberries and organic nettles amongst others.

We hope you love using our products just as much as we loved making them…