Flow production

Clean, genuinely natural ingredients are important to us, because good products can only be made by using good ingredients. Everything we use in our products is carefully selected: we use certified organic ingredients as well as plants that have grown wild in the clean nature of the north. Our production meets the criteria for certified natural cosmetics. In product development, we strive to make the products as natural as possible, while making sure that they really work as well. The proportion of either organically grown or wild ingredients in our products is particularly high. Pure, natural ingredients are abundant with substances that are important to the skin, including vitamins, antioxidants and good fatty acids.

seabuckthorn creamlogo_proCertified Organic Ingredients

We use certified organic ingredients whenever possible. Apart from a small number of essential oils, all of our plant ingredients are organic and certified, while the preservatives we use meet the requirements of the COSMOS standard for organic and natural cosmetics. Our mineral make-up products do not contain any nanoparticles, and the ingredients are Ecocert approved. Flow Cosmetics is a member of the Finnish Natural Cosmetics association.

We buy our ingredients from both Finland and abroad. Finnish ingredients such as heather, juniper, northern berries and the seed oil extracted from them are all purchased from our partners in Finland’s Lapland, while nettle and marigold are supplied to us by an organic farm located in the town of Hyvinkää.

That said, we constantly strive to increase the proportion of Finnish ingredients in our products. Everything else is supplied by reliable European partners whose products are approved and certified for natural cosmetics and proven to be of high quality. Furthermore, we actively follow new innovations and the development of ingredients used in natural cosmetics.

Preservation of Our Products

A large number of our products do not contain any preservatives. As any product containing water needs some constituents that improve preservation, we have ended up producing a variety of water- free products. For instance, none of our oil-based serums, body butters, face oils, shampoo bars and soaps contain preservatives. Our face masks come in powder form, and water is only applied before using. This way, the product can be well preserved without the use of preservatives.

There are, however, certain products that cannot be made without preservatives. Such products include water-based emulsions and skin toners. For these products, we have taken extra care to select the best natural preservatives in the market, all of which are mild and Ecocert approved. Preservation can also be improved by means of packaging: our products are packed in dark glass bottles, out of which the product is applied in a hygienic manner through a pump or a spray cap.

Plants of the North

We are especially proud of our Finnish ingredients. The plants of the north are grown in tough conditions where the short, intensive summer with the midnight sun enables the plants to absorb an exceptional amount of protective bioactive substances. The plants are picked from clean, arctic regions. Using these pure ingredients from the northern nature in skincare helps prevent signs of ageing skin and improve skin’s condition.

Essential Oils

Body and mind-nurturing aromatherapy and essential oils are the soul of our products. The effect of many of our products is based on essential oils, and without them they would simply not be the same. Essential oils bring fragrances and nurturing effects to the products. According to our experience, fragrances from natural essential oils are easier to tolerate than synthetic fragrances – some of our clients who are sensitized to perfumes have told us that they are able to use cosmetics containing essential oils.

essential oilsIn the INCI list of our products, fragrance components such as linalool, citral and limonene are marked with an asterisk. This means that we do not add these substances into our products as such, but they are instead a natural part of the essential oils. In synthetic cosmetics, the above-mentioned substances are commonly used as such, in which case they have been found to have allergenic effects. It is stated in the EU Cosmetics Directive that these substances are to be included in the INCI list even when they are part of a natural essential oil.

It is noteworthy that an essential oil is much more than just a single substance: it is a complex compound produced by a plant and cannot be synthetically copied. In natural essential oils the ingredients are in harmony, and there is both synergy and what is known as “quenching” between them. Even if the essential oil contains substances defined by the EU as allergens, other ingredients balance the whole and quench the unwanted properties of other substances.

Research has shown that the relationship between these substances has a great effect on how the product will react when applied to the skin. Individual fragrance molecules, then, cannot be treated the same as a complete essential oil. It is for this reason that many people show a higher tolerance for essential oils than for synthetic fragrances.

Good to remember: Plants inherently contain essential oils. One can be exposed to a larger amount of essential oils by peeling an orange than what many products contain. People who react strongly to fragrances may also not be able to tolerate essential oils, nor are natural cosmetics non-allergenic.

Flow mineral make upPacking Materials

We choose our packing materials carefully to ensure that they are as environmentally friendly and recyclable as possible. We use a lot of paperboard and glass, as they are all easily recyclable materials. With certain products we have decided to use plastic after coming to the conclusion that it is the ideal material when transportation and usage are taken into account. We only use plastic suitable for recycling.

Read more about the packing material that we use and about their recycling.

Flow productionProduction

We have been developing natural cosmetics since 2004. We produce the Flow products in our small factory in Hyvinkää, Finland. That is also where we develop our own recipes and make the products from start to finish. We know our products like the back of our hands, because the entire production from the handling of raw materials to dispatch happens under one roof.

The products are made in small batches and our stock rotates at a fast pace, which means that the products dispatched are always fresh. In a way our production is like a huge kitchen: the soap mass is made in large pots and then poured into moulds, while the creams are also mixed in enormous pots.

All of our products are handmade – genuine artisan cosmetics from us to you.