When we think of apple cider vinegar, we might think of the dressing on a nice butter lettuce salad with blue cheese, maybe some grapes thrown in.

We don’t usually conjure up a topping for our tresses.

But scientific studies prove that apple cider vinegar can balance hair and scalp PH levels, resulting in healthy scalps, stronger fibers, and less frizzing.

Before beauty salons and drug stores came around, people used ACV in their homes as a remedy for everything from easing sunburn stings to removing unsightly warts.  It’s been considered a panacea for skin care, weight loss, and heartburn.

ACV can also act as an energy booster.  The amino acids contained in ACV are an antidote to the lactic acid that builds in our bodies, which would cause fatigue.

And perhaps best of all, ACV makes your hair soft and silky.

Heather and Juniper Hair Rinse

Women with dry hair often lament their frizz, and those with oily hair sometimes acquire bacteria in their scalp, leading to itchiness or dandruff.  These two kinds of hair usually require opposite treatment. But ACV, being the cure-all that it is, helps both.

Hair that scores high on the PH scale tends to look dull, dry, and frizzy.  This can be rectified by something acidic (AKA, high in acetic acid) like Apple Cider Vinegar, which lowers the PH.  When the PH of your locks reaches the right balance, it loses the frizz and becomes more smooth and shiny.

ACV can also help even out the PH of your scalp, curing itchiness and making it harder for yeast to grow.  That means no dandruff.  (Yay, we can wear black tops again!)  ACV acts as an exfoliator, removing dead skin and buildup that block the pores on your scalp.

And ACV is even known to stimulate hair growth by increasing blood circulation to hair follicles.

Flow Cosmetics offers two organic hair rinses containing ACV: Heather Hair Rinse for dry hair and Juniper Hair Rinse for oily hair.  Both rinses naturally restore the PH balance of your mane, rendering it ready for a night out.  Hey, you can wear that black dress since you’ll be free from dandruff fears.  And if you’re lucky, there’ll be a nice butter lettuce and blue cheese salad on the menu –with ACV dressing, of course!