In the beautiful countryside setting at Hyvinkää’s Kytäjä lies the organic farm of Sillankorva, which is managed by Peggy Kleinhans.

Originally from Germany, Peggy arrived to Finland in the 90’s. She first lived in the city of Lappeenranta and then later moved to Hyvinkää. Peggy has a day job as a machine engineer and she moved to Kytäjä ten years ago, as she started to run the farm as her part-time job.

From the very early days, Peggy applied organic sertification for the farm, since the soil had not been used in years before her arrival to Kytäjä. Today, the farm of Sillankorva has been chemical-free for a total of 18 years.

When it comes to running an organic farm, there is always work to be done. Luckily Peggy has a group of helpers near; these Sillankorva team members help her out with all farm duties during the summer season.

Peggy often goes to markets to sell her products and the farm also has a little farm shop of its own where fresh produce can be bought – straight from the farmer to the table! During this past summer season the farm shop has been selling (for example) potatoes, kale, beans, currants and tomatoes.

At the moment, Peggy is also growing a lot of different kinds of plants on her farm; there are various herbs, calendulas and sea-buckthorns growing on the farm land.

From her ingredients Peggy produces herbal teas, -oils, -vinegars, -salts and spices. These handmade products are sold at Reko-food groups and straight from the farm.

When it comes to Flow’s ingredients, we get nettle, calendula and peppermint from the farm of Sillankorva.

And we Flow teamers could not be happier of the fact that we get to collaborate with Peggy and her farm – since the magic and secret to Flow’s products truly lies in the natural, pure ingredients!

Get to know better the Flow products that contain Sillankorva’s Organic Farm herbs:

We always have in development more organic products made in Finland.

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