Chakra products

body care

Flow Cosmetics chakra line is designed to provide a holistic treatment for the body and mind. Chakra products offer you high-quality skin care while being 100% natural cosmetics. The organic essential oils in the products are chosen to balance different skin types and to treat the mind with aromatherapy.

Flow’s chakra line consists of seven different Himalayan salt soaps, body butter bars, perfume oils and essential oil blends.

Chakra perfumes and essential oil blends coming soon!

Chakra perfumes and oil blends contain a crystal quartz that radiates purifying energy and heals all chakras.

Why essential oil blends with the same pack size have different prices?

The prices of the organic essential oils we use in our oil blends vary from tens of euros to tens of thousands of euros per kilo. Easier-to-obtain essential oils such as citruses are more inexpensive, while some oils are very high-priced because of small crops or expensive production. Such oils include e.g. rose, neroli, vetiver, sandalwood and jasmine.

Our certified aromatherapist Riitta has designed the oil blends by prioritizing the healing effects of essential oils over inexpensive prices. Our oil blends are made to meet your needs so that you get the best aromatherapy and skin care benefits. That is why we also want to use the more expensive, high-quality and organic essential oils in our products.