KORENTO Makeup up to 70% OFF

Natural. Beautiful. Real.
Can natural makeup work as well as synthetic? In our opinion, it can. And at the same time it can nurture your skin. Korento was born on the desire to answer the challenge and develop products that are as equally functional as synthetic makeup but that are made from natural and healthy ingredients.

High quality and safe ingredients are the foundation of our company and we use only certified organic ingredients that are allowed in clean beauty. Our ingredients are either organic, wild grown or approved by Cosmos certificate.

The first Korento products are focused on creating a beautiful makeup base because as you know, a smooth skin is the fundament of the perfect makeup. Korento products are extremely long lasting, they blend effotlesly and give your skin a beautiful natural glow.

From our many makeup bases you can find the best option for you. Achieve either a full coverage and matte base, or a translucent and glowy makeup base. With our Lip & Cheek Tints and Liquid Blushes you can finish up the whole look by giving your skin and lips a natural flush. The quality plant oils in our makeup nourish your skin and make it bouncy. Based on vitamin rich berries, our unique Berry Active Complex compound protects your skin against harsh environment, stress and UV-rays.

Korento is 100% natural, high quality makeup made in Finland.

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