Mineral makeup

Natural Mineral Makeup Foundation

The mineral makeup products made by Flow Cosmetics offers all of the shades you love from popular brands, only ours are made by hand from scratch in our shop in Riihimäki, a craft that requires a unique skill set and a special formula created by Flow’s founder, Riitta.

Our line of natural mineral powder features shades that range from light to medium and all the way to dark. You’ll find four warm tone options and four options for cool tones. We also handcraft a beautiful range of blushes and bronzers, giving you everything you need to create a luminous, flawless, natural-looking foundation.

Flow mineral makeups are vegan, won’t dry out your skin and are suitable for sensitive skin, too. For best results, moisturize your skin before applying the powder with a thick bristled kabuki brush.

The mica in Flow mineral makeup powders is produced under ethical and controlled conditions.