Detox 3-In-1 Facial Mask with Salicylates

Deep cleansing, exfoliating and nurturing facial mask for oily skin with blemishes.
Can be used as a daily cleanser and/or locally on blemishes.

Contains skin brightening and exfoliating natures natural BHA, white willow bark extract. Also contains activated charcoal powder and moisturising raw honey.


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Deep cleansing, exfoliating and nurturing facial mask for oily skin with blemishes

Based on moisturizing Finnish raw honey, this rich cream mask is suitable for daily facial cleansing or as a mask. Activated charcoal and white clay effectively remove impurities from the skin. The white willow bark extract containing salicylates exfoliates dead skin cells and brightens dull looking skin.

Active ingredients:

  • HIKIÄN raw honey – Moisturizing, skin softening and vitamin-rich honey also contains glucose oxidase, which makes it an antibacterial ingredient
  • White Willow Bark Extract – a natural source of salicylates, enzymatically exfoliating, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and gentle, helps to fight the oiliness of the skin
  • Effective activated charcoal powder is derived from coconut. Charcoal powder is known for its excellent ability to absorb impurities, dirt and grease
  • Peppermint – reduces pores, refreshes the skin
  • White clay – mineral-rich, gently cleansing

Instructions for use as a cleansing balm: Apply the mask on the face in a circular motion, rinse with warm water.
As s mild acid peel & mask: Apply the mask on the face in a circular motion, leave on for 10-15 min. Rinse with warm water. Avoid the eye area.

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Read more about the Finnish HIKIÄN premium raw honey:

Recycling: The product is packed in recyclable glass jar with recyclable aluminium lid. The outer package is recyclable cardboard.

A wooden spoon is included in the package.


Ingredients: HIKIÄN raw honey, glycerin, white clay, charcoal powder, skin moisturising and antimicrobial ingredient derived from radishes fermented with lactic acid bacteria Leuconostoc Kimchii, white willow bark extract, peppermint leaf


* Wild grown or certified organic ingredient
** Ecocert or COSMOS approved ingredient

9 reviews for Detox 3-In-1 Facial Mask with Salicylates

  1. belia

    loistotuote! sopii loistavasti super pintakuivalle iholle kerran viikossa käytettäväksi naamiona, ja useammin pesuun!

  2. pazzoide_94

    I am very surprised by this multiple-purpose mask, it really goes down into your pores!
    I use it as a face cleanser, and the crisp sensation persists as the ingredients continue their action after the rinsing.
    For my oily skin it is a very effective product, I suggest to always use a face cream afterwards, that best suites your skin, and the effect will be better received!

  3. pazzoide_94

    I tried it also as a mask… just WOW!!
    Highly recommended!

  4. Pia (verified owner)

    Käytän tätä parin viikon välein naamiona ihon syväpuhdistukseen ja kuorintaan. Useammin en uskalla käyttää koska ihoni ei aina tykkää rakeisista kuorinnoista. Kannattaa myös varoa miten paksun kerroksen levittää sillä itse laitoin alkuun tuotetta liian paljon ja naamio valui pitkin naamaa ja silmiinkin meni 😂. Mutta muuten kaiken kaikkiaan kelpo tuote, sopinut rasvoittuvalle iholleni hyvin. Erittäin riittoisa purkki!

  5. Nimetön (verified owner)

  6. Eeva (verified owner)

    Ostin kokeiluun ja on ollut kyllä tosi tehokas naamio. Ei tarvitse tosiaan paljon laittaa kerralla, koska muuten alkaa valua kasvoilta. Vaikuttaa todella riittoisalta.

  7. Serafiina (verified owner)

    Mieto tuoksu, hieman liian kiinteä/tahmainen koostumus.

  8. Anni (verified owner)

    Uusi tuttavuus, yllätti positiivisesti. Toimii tosiaan niin maskina kuin kuorivana puhdistuksena. Seassa yllättävän isojakin kuorivia ”paloja”.

  9. Katja (verified owner)

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