Normal Konjac Sponge -facial cleansing sponge for normal skin.

Pure Konjac Sponge is 100 % natural vegetable fiber, biodegradable, coluring free, pH balancing and naturally deep cleansing. It’s soft and skin friendly texture cleanses skin gently and it is suitable for sentive skin.

The sponge is made of Konjac plant roots “Glucomannan” -fiber. No preservatives and artificial colouring are used in the manufacturing. Cleases the pores from make-up, impurities and exess sebum. Moisturises skin naturally. Gently peels dead cells and clarifies skin. Balances skins pH.

To make the sponge last as long as possible, take care of it: Rinse well after use. Use soap if necessary to remove make-up traces from the sponge. Press the sponge between hands to remove water, do not twist the sponge. Hang the sponge to dry in an airy place, do not leave it in standing in water. If the weather is very hot, you can store the sponge in a refrigerator, it will preserve longer.

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Recycling instructions:Konjac-sponges decompose and they can be recycled with organic waste/biowaste.


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