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Skin Mood Make-up Blender -sponges. Eggshaped make-up sponges are latex free and high quality. The sponge swells up when it’s wet and they are seamless and do not have any sharp corners. With the sponges special structure and material make-up is easy to apply. With the sponge you get the best out of your foundation. Make-up Blender is suitable for applying all make-up foundation forms, liquid, solid and powder. It is suitable for applying mineral make-up powder. Also it can be used to apply concealer, blush and highlighter.

The sponge can be used dry and wet. Latex free and Vitamin-E containing sponge is suitable for all skin types. It is hypoallergenic and odorless. It is recommendable to clean the sponge after each use. Wet the sponge and use a small amount of soap, rinse well and squeese execess water from the sponge. Let dry.

Origin: Sponges raw material, latex-free hydrophilic polyurethane, is manufactured in USA and the sponge is molded in China.

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