Wonder Balm

Strong, beeswax-based healing balm for relieving cough, congestion, cold sores, chapped skin and lips, insect bites.

Contains organic beeswax that nourishes and softens the skin, organic sesame oil as well as antiseptic essential oils that soothe itching skin and relieve respiratory symptoms.

Try also for sore muscles!


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Organic beeswax-based healing balm with eucalyptus and tea tree oil


This effective balm is based on the strong essential oils of eucalyptus, tea tree, lavender and sandalwood and their skin damage relieving and aromatherapeutic properties.


Riitta, the founder of Flow Cosmetics and certified aromatherapist, has developed Wonder Balm to relieve a wide range of ailments such as cough and congestion, itchy insect bites and cold sores. Try also for aching muscles!


Active ingredients:


The all-natural Wonder Balm contains organic essential oils of tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender and sandalwood. Together, these essential oils act as antiseptics, soothe skin itching and, when inhaled, relieve respiratory symptoms. This strong ointment has been in our selection since the beginning of the company.


Organic Finnish beeswax provides protection for the skin against hot and cold and prevents moisture from escaping from the skin. The lovely honey-scented beeswax also makes the skin wonderfully soft.


Organic sesame oil helps keep the skin soft and supple and provides the skin with antioxidant protection. Sesame is naturally rich in vitamins B and E as well as zinc.


How to use?


This balm is suitable as a multifunctional product for both summer and winter seasons.


If you have sinus congestion, apply Wonder Balm to your chest or under your nose. The warmth of your skin vaporizes the essential oils to the airways to relieve coughing and stuffy nose.


To relieve itchy skin, apply Wonder Balm directly to the itchy areas, however, avoid contact with eyes. Wonder Balm is particularly effective in relieving itching and irritation caused by insect stings or bites, as the lavender contained in the healing balm is great aid for skin irritations and mild local inflammations.


You can also use Wonder Balm as lip balm, or to soften scars and soothe small cuts or scratches.


Scent: strong, fresh & cool aroma of eucalyptus and tea tree with soothing lavender.


We do not recommend Wonder Balm for children under 6 years of age due to the strong essential oils contained in the product.


Additional information


Recycling: The product is packed in recyclable glass jar with recyclable aluminium lid. The outer package is recyclable cardboard.

These beautiful, high-quality glass jars can be reused e.g. for candle casting, storing small items or as a candle holder.



* Wild grown or certified organic ingredient

**From natural essential oil

13 reviews for Wonder Balm

  1. pazzoide_94 (verified owner)

    I was very curious about this product.. it seemed just perfect for me!
    I haven’t tried all of it’s functions, yet, but for now it is really workin! It helps great agains a, stuffed nose or when your muscles are aching, but it’s a little too mild for my cough!
    I really would like to tey it on insect bites, but i’m afrai i’ll have to wait some time!

  2. Lea (verified owner)

    Ihana tuote, tuntuu hyvälle, lievittää flunssasen lihaskipuja.

  3. Arja Back (verified owner)

    Oli pakko tilata ”varastoon” vaikka vielä entistäkin jäljellä 😊 Toivottavasti tämä tuote saa pysyä valikoimassanne vielä pitkään🙏
    Toimii niin haavoihin ja rohtumiin kuin nuhaisuuteen ja yskään👌On kyllä hintansa väärtti👌

  4. Helena

    Ostin viime kesänä Flow:n tehtaanmyymälästä. Olen käyttänyt kesällä itikan puremiin, on kyllä tehokas. Lievittää samantien kutinaa ja kirvelyä, myös paukamat pienenivät tosi nopeasti.

  5. Marjo

    I have this product and i love it. I was in my garden and hurt myself on something. All that burn and itchyfeeling got away with this in a second.

    Suomeksi. Satutin itseni ilmeisesti vadelmapensaan oksiin ja kutina oli hirvittävä. Tuote auttoi heti kutinaan ja vähensi punoitusta. Loistava tuote.

  6. Ingmar Lindberg (verified owner)

    There are many pain releaving creams etc. I like yours because it does not smell heavily.

  7. Paula (verified owner)

    Aivan ihana, tuote! Rauhoitti kutisevan ihon hetkessä.

  8. Leena (verified owner)

    Ihana tuoksu!

  9. Katja (verified owner)

    Toimii hyvin rohtuneiden huulien tehohoitoon, hyttysen puremiin ja oikeastaan mihin vaan missä on tarvetta viilentävälle ja suojaavalle voiteelle. Koostumuksen ansiosta voide pysyy vaikuttamassa pitkän aikaa ja tuoksu on juuri sopivan vahva. Varmasti tulen ostamaan uudestaan.

  10. Heidi S. (verified owner)

    Ohut ja superhoitava kaikkiin ihon tarpeisiin. Lapsillekin ihanteellinen rohtumiin ja kutinaan.

  11. Sirkku (verified owner)

    Hyvä apu pieniin nirhaumiin.

  12. Anu (verified owner)

    Tämä on tuote, josta en luovu. Auttaa flunssassa myös lapsilla, parantaa haavoja ja näppyjä, hoitaa kipeitä alueita.

  13. Mira (verified owner)

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